Tuesday, 13 November 2012

3D Baby Shoe

Baby shoe project I created using a 12x12 Bubble cardstock by La Carta and lace trim.
The website for the free template is: http://www.paperscrapz.screentastic.ca/templates.html

The video tutorial for this project is on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W3dl1BNQfw&feature=plcp
Trace out the components onto the back of the cardstock. Trace an extra set of soles as inside liners of the baby shoe.
I didn't cut out the tabs around the shoe. I just left them solid and then snipped the edge where the tabs should be so the shoe could have a complete seal around it.
Then I glued the ends together before assembling the top part of the shoe to the bottom of the shoe.
Once the glue is pretty dry, I trimmed the shoe liner slightly and then glued to the insole part of the shoe.
I added a lace trim to the entire edge of the shoe to finish it off.
Punch a 1/16 hole for the brad and then insert the brad to buckle up the shoe.
Finished of the baby shoe with lace bows to the front of the baby shoes
More examples of baby shoes I have made using different papers.

I hope you get to try these out!

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